Shark Fishing


June – November: (porbeagle and thresher sharks)

Other species: tope, congers, mackerel, scad,  black bream.

Tackle Hire and bait included for all trips.

6 anglers max

Two of the biggest species of fish to catch in UK waters are both available from Poole. We organise a ‘rubby dubby’ mix to attract the target species so all that’s needed is to catch some fresh mackerel for bait. A few rods can be used to catch other fish like tope while waiting for the big one.  Patience is essential with this type of fishing. We fish with 6 anglers max to save having too many tangles and to make sure we have plenty of room on board when we hook up a shark. Our hire gear is all top of the range, new for the 2019 season, with 50lb class rods a must for the larger fish and twin speed retrieve reels an option as well. We recommend booking 2 or 3 days in a block if possible as you are more likely not to be disappointed by the weather. All our shark fishing is strictly catch and release, we pride ourselves in taking the upmost care of these fish so that they live on year after year and perhaps return to be caught again one day.

Tackle List:

Bring one rod for mackerel fishing, small mackerel feathers, don’t bring a huge tackle box as they will get in the way.

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