Price list 2022, valid from 05 September 2022

Prices have been increased as red diesel has been increased by a further 20% from today.
The prices of individual spaces are based on 7 individuals per trip except shark trips which are based on 5 sharing and bass on floats based on 6 sharing.

Prices will be further adjusted to reflect further changes in the price of diesel to us.

Trip Type

1-7 anglers on trip

8-10 anglers on trip

Individual Charter Individual Charter
Guernsey 5 day £775 £5400 £5600
Alderney 4 day £610 £4200 £4400
Wreck fishing £150 £950 £1000
Shark fishing £150* £750 N/a
Big fish day £120 £750 N/a
Bass fishing £120 £750 N/a
Flatfish trips £120 £750 £800
Inshore reef & winter trips £100 £650 £65 £700
Evening trips £375 £40 £400

* Based on 5 sharing

Our Terms of business

We at Silver Spray Charters we are committed to ensuring you have an enjoyable day out in safe environment. Please see our Boats, Safety and Skippers page for more details.

Drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs is not permitted on our boats.

We will text you by 19:00 the night before your trip or by 12:00 on the day of the trip for evening trips. If you don’t hear from us please call us to confirm on 07787375386. If you do not show up at the arranged time for individual trips then we reserve the right to leave without you. If you are running late please call 07787375386.

Full Boat Charters:
A deposit of £200 will be taken at the time of booking for single day charters. Balance of payment is to be paid in full at the end of the charter. A credit or debit card is required to guarantee the booking. See cancellation terms below. Multi day charters (Alderney; Guernsey; Cherbourg) will require a deposit of £1000 at the time of booking. Balance of payment is to be paid in full on the 1st day of the charter. A credit or debit card is required to guarantee the booking. See cancellation terms below

Individual Anglers:
Individual Single Day Trips
Payment in full is required for all Individual Bookings at the time of booking. Individual Multi Day Trips (West Country, Channel Islands etc): A deposit of £100 is required to book your space. Balance must be paid 28 days before the start of the trip. A credit or debit card is required to guarantee the booking.

Cancellation, change and Our promise to you:

The Skipper will decide if the weather is good enough to go ahead with the fishing trip. The Skipper reserves the right to change the type of trip depending on the weather conditions. For example if the weather does not permit offshore wrecking but is fit for an inshore reef trip then the trip will go ahead with the changed itinerary and the price will be reduced accordingly. In the event that we have to cancel your trip due to bad weather or unseen circumstances your deposit or full payment will be returned (less a 2% booking fee for credit cards). We can also ‘roll over’ the deposit or full payment for a re–arranged date at the angler’s discretion.

Cancellation and Your commitment to us:
If you cancel we will always try to re-book the date if we are successful there is no liability on your part and your deposit or full payment will be returned (less any fees that we have had to pay e.g. to PayPal). If you cancel and we are unable to rebook the date or you do not turn up in time for the departure of the boat the deposit or payment will be forfeited. In the case of charters you will also be expected to pay the balance of 75% of the full charter price.

Claim and Liability:
No claim will be accepted against the Skipper for cancellation due to illness, breakdown or any event beyond the Skipper’s control. Please pay for any of the boat’s tackle including rods and reels that you may loose.

Guidelines for Social Distancing onboard Silver Spray Charters.

  • Poole sea fishing (the tackle hut at the pick up point) will be open on request. Please queue up outside the shop and Keith will bring whatever you need out.
  • When waiting to enter the pick up pontoon please stay 2m apart from other anglers.
  • When waiting on the pick up pontoon please stand on the markers (clarify what type) that have been placed 2m apart on the pontoon.
  • Once the skipper has moored the boat up you will draw a position for the day, most likely 3 along the stern and 1 on each side. arrangements for drifting will be decided depending on the conditions.
  • No one will be allowed in the wheelhouse other than the skipper.
  • With 5 of you onboard there will still be plenty of space but please do your best to stay in your allocated spot. If you need to pass others to go to the toilet please let the angler you are passing know to maximise distancing.
  • The skipper will help on the day to make arrangements for steaming in case on spray coming over the side. (such as getting the cool boxes out for people to sit on spaced out)
  • Alcohol hand sanitiser will be available and is to be used regularly throughout the day.
  • The skipper can still help with landing and unhooking your fish if need be, please give him space to do so.
  • PPE such as latex gloves and face masks are to warn in accordance with government guidelines

Please bring your own:


Bait knife; Bait board


Lunch, Drinks incl Tea and coffee

Coolbox for fish

Do not share any of these items with other anglers

Please follow government rules relating to Covid-19 and social distancing while on Silver Spray. Including but not limited to:

  • If you have a high temperature or cough prior to your trip then please STAY AT HOME and contact your doctor or 111.
  • If you have been within 2m of someone who has been diagnosed with Covid – 19 then please stay home also.
  • We recommend you to use the NHS tracing app on your mobile phone.
  • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 with one week of your trip please let us know. We will also let you know if anyone has informed us of an infection.
  • We are all new to these rules and restrictions so please be patient with all other anglers and your skipper. They may take a little getting used to. The quality of service we provide and your enjoyment are still of upmost importance to us as is your safety.

Disclaimer and condition of booking:

Silver Spray Maritime Ltd and the skippers are aiming to provide you with an enjoyable and safe fishing trip that complies with all UK Government guidelines and safety recommendations for Covid-19 as much as is practical on a charter boat. By booking a trip on Silver Spray during this time of Covid-19 you are agreeing to hold Silver Spray Maritime Ltd and its Directors harmless in case you contract Covid-19 around the time of your trip.

You will be asked to sign a copy of this document on the day and provide details for tracing if necessary.


Silver Spray Maritime Ltd Privacy Policy

  • Who is collecting the data?
    • Silver Spray Maritime Ltd comprising of Andy, Sam and Alison Cumming
  • What data is being collected?
    • We will ask for your phone number, email address and on booking credit or debit card details
  • What is the legal basis for processing the data?
    • You have expressed an interest in angling trips on Silver Spray or have booked a trip
  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?
    • Your information will never be shared with third parties
  • How will the information be used?
    • We will use your phone number to inform you whether your trip is on or not
    • We will use your credit or debit card details to take payment for your trips
    • With your permission we will keep you informed about angling on Silver Spray including monthly catch report and availability on trips arranged at short notice
  • How long will the data be stored for?
    • Your data will be stored indefinitely unless you ask us to delete it
  • What rights do you have?
    • You can ask us to stop sending updates and to delete your data at any time
  • How can the data subject raise a complaint?
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