Bass Fishing


**Current bass regulations state anglers are only allowed to retain two bass per day between May 1st and November 30th

Target species: bass

Other species: Tope, blonde rays, black bream, cod, Pollock, bull huss

Best Months: May to December

Best Tides: Spring Tides

Bass is one of the most sought after fish to eat in the UK and as such is in very high demand, hence the catch restrictions. When fishing regulations are in place each angler may keep two fish per day with the others being returned. These hard fighting fish are around in abundance in the strong tidal areas that surround the port of Poole.

There are many different ways to target them including floats fishing with live baits, bottom fishing with live baits, free-lining, fishing lures, slow jigging and fishing at anchor with bait. For me this is one of the main reasons bass fishing is so popular is the variety of techniques available to try and catch them, each is brilliant fun in their own right but also one of the most frustrating things around when it’s not going your way. Bass like to feed hard when the tide is at its strongest and have a rest around slack so rather than waste this time when they aren’t feeding we either anchor up for some tope, rays and other species or head over to a wreck and have a go for cod and Pollock for a short while. Once everyone has their fish to take home and eat then we can still enjoy the hard fight you get from the bass using circle hooks and special lures to make sure they are in best condition possible to return for another day.

We offer offshore and inshore bass trips depending on the weather and what’s catching. Offshore bass fishing is done on the drift in strong currents so expect short drifts followed by winding up and streaming up tide for the next drift.

Tackle List:

Spinning rod,12-20lb (ask skipper which will be needed) and 20-30lb class rods, size 2 treble hooks, 4/0 kamasan, 6/0 kamasan, 20lb monofilament, 40lb monofilament, heavy monofilament, assorted zip sliders, snap swivels and swivels, range of leads from 6oz to 24oz for drifting and anchoring, large float, white or blue lures (redgill evo, sidewinder or savage lure) feathers and bream rig to catch live bait.

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