Big Fish Days & Offshore Anchoring Trips


Best Tides: Neap Tides.

July – October

Target species – tope, blonde, undulate, thornback rays, congers, bull huss, turbot, mackerel, garfish, black bream.

Half a day fishing on a wreck and half on a bank 10-15 miles out depending on what’s catching.

January – April

Target species – spurdog, blonde, undulate, spotted, thornback ray, bull huss, conger, Pollack, whiting, tope, smoothound.

Fishing on the banks 10-15 miles out.

Sometimes the simplest days out can be the most enjoyable. Our big fish days are spent mostly at anchor fishing for the larger species available with slightly heavier gear. This trip is perfect for beginners who need to hire gear and a brilliant way to improve some of your personal bests. Most of what we do on these trips is catch and release so we use circle hooks that are designed to minimise damage to the fish. They are all returned, after a quick photo if need be, to fight another day. Always check with us before picking any of the bigger fish up as most of them have sharp teeth, spines and/or abrasive skin.

Tackle List:

12-20lb rod, 20-30lb rod, 40lb mono, 100lb mono, 2/0 kamasan, 7/0 kamasan, circle hooks, heavy swivels, heavy snap swivels, assorted zip sliders, snap swivels and swivels, assorted leads from 6oz – 24oz, coloured muppets.


Mackerel; squid; cuttlefish; launce.

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