Inshore Trips


Summer Season: (May – October)

Target species: black bream, plaice, undulate, spotted blonde thornback and small eyed rays, mackerel, bass, tope, garfish, conger eel, smoothound, wrasse.

Our inshore trips usually run for 8-9 hours setting off at 0800 and returning around 1630-1700. Target species vary depending on the time of year but it’s not uncommon to see up to 20 species in a day; there is usually time to try 3 different marks. This trip is great for first time or novice anglers who are looking to learn about sea angling. We usually do a few different types of fishing during the day both on the drift and at anchor so this can present some new challenges for a keen angler as well. For example we may start out mackerel fishing then go bream fishing and move further out for some larger fish like tope or change from fishing at anchor for rays to on the drift for plaice and turbot. You can either choose to target one or two specific things or go for a ‘species hunt’ and see how many different species you can rack up during the day.

Tackle List:

light rod, 12-20lb rod, 20lb mono, 40lb mono, 100lb mono, size 2 and 4 small hooks, 1/0 kamasan , 4/0 kamasan, 7/0 kamasan, coloured beads, plaice spoon, assortment of 2oz – 24oz leads, assorted zip sliders, snap swivels and swivels, two – up bream rigs with size 2 hooks, 2 down bream rigs with size 2 hooks, circle hooks.

Bait :

rag worm, squid, mackerel, raw king prawn (fresh mackerel can be caught and used as well).

Winter Season: (November – February)

Target species – cod, bass, squid, whiting, pollack, congers, undulate, thornback, small eyed and spotted rays, smoothound.

A question we get asked a lot is “do you still go out in the winter”? The answer is yes, it’s one of the most productive times of the year for edible fish, the two main targets being cod and whiting. The cod during November and December are renowned for being some of the biggest to be found in the English Channel and, unlike the summer months, they are found just a few miles out in the Bay and over towards the Isle of White. Whiting are my favourite fish to eat and are around from late November all the way to Mid February, fishing on lighter gear makes for great fun to catch these ones. Another option on these trips is squid fishing, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but again they take some beating if you’re looking for something tasty for dinner. Using light spinning gear on the drift we regularly get squid up to 2 foot long. The winter trips are perfect for beginners and people hiring gear for the day.

Tackle List:

12-20lb rod, 20-30lb rod, 40lb mono, 100lb mono, 150lb mono, 2/0 kamasan, 7/0 kamasan, 8/0 kamasan hooks, heavy swivels, heavy snap swivels, assorted zip sliders, snap swivels and swivels, assorted leads from 6oz – 24oz, coloured muppets, feathers, squid jigs.


squid, cuttlefish, mackerel, lug worm (not essential).

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